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We all know babies are inquisitive and love to grab and chew everything – which normally means the end of jewellery for a while. Imagine how upset you'd be if your little one grabbed your beautiful, expensive pearl necklace - and the pearls went everywhere. Well, no need to worry any more!
Bambino bling silicone jewellery allows mums to wear stylish accessories that baby can't damage or break.

Founded by Amanda, a trainee doctor with a special interest in paediatrics, bambino bling offers mums the ideal solution to those early inquisitive years. Bambino bling jewellery is made from 100% non-toxic BPA free silicone and is certified to Australian standards. Our jewellery is soft, will not damage baby's gums or teeth if accidently chewed, and provide sensory stimulation while feeding. And most importantly they are a stylish way for mums to stay fashionable!

Bambino bling jewellery comes beautifully packaged in a pink box tied with grosgrain ribbon - perfect for gifts.

Each piece of bling has a breakaway clasp for added safety and is easily cleaned in soapy water or on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

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We hope you love your bambino bling!