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Head Dress

Leather head dress for all ages fully ajustable 

bella blue accessories unicorn headbands

Handmade flowers silver grossgrain ribbon covered alice band  glitter silver ears  Simply Gorgeous OS fits most  Match back with  Wand 34cm Ivory and pink flower 

From A$20.00

Bellablue Accessories Leather Head Dress

One size fits all handmade with leather /feathers 


bellabue accessories leather headdress

Feathers and sparkle on leather band with fit baby-adult 


bella blue leather headdress

Band is soft leather and is dressed with feathers motif and beads OS fits  baby to adult 


bellablue accessories leather headdress

Ajustable fits baby to adults 


Bellablue Accessories Leather crown Blue

Leather head wear one size fits all great for baby photo big kids photo adult photo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!