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Dolls and Soft Toys


Alimrose Dolls and Soft Toys  /Lilly & George / Mickey & Stevie / Miniland Dolls / Goza Dolls / Tambo Teddies / Tiger Tribe Dolls /

NANA HUCHY / Little Dog Laughted 

'polly' cat - large

Made with the softest wool blend fabric, Polly looks elegant in her silver and tulle tu tu skirt. large size 65cm


'lola rabbit' - large

Made with the softest wool blend fabric, Lola is ready to party in her silver silk dress and crown large size 65cm


Nana Huchy Kylie the Kangaroo

Dimension: 30cm  


Nana Huchy Eddie The Emu

Taking the gold at the recent Hide and Seek world championships (never heard of it? Even the publicity team take their hide and seek seriously), Eddie’s winning strategy was pretending...


Nana Huchy Lulu Doll-Pink


Nana Huchy Lola Doll-White


Nana Huchy Miss Evie- Pink

Miss Evie runs an exclusive Byron Bay wellness retreat, specialising in tantric dance through hypnosis. After a few half-completed degrees and dead end romances, Miss Evie’s American cousin Ada convinced...


Miniland Anatomically Correct Baby Doll Caucasian Boy, 21 cm

Miniland Educational doll collections are an important educational resource which help comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, the basic rules of relationships and coexistence, respect for racial and sexual diversity. —Made...


Plush Bunny Sky

 This super cute plush bunny from bloomingville, He is super soft and extra cute, available in pink too.  40cm  


Plush Bunny Rose

 This super cute plush bunny from bloomingville, we love her. She's super soft and extra cute, available in blue too.  40cm  


Kruselings - Guardians of the dreams

After more than a century, Käthe Kruse produces fantasy adventure dolls in addition to the well-known traditional and play dolls. There is a lovely collection of fantasy dolls for girls...

From A$43.95

Nana Huchy The Mermaid

Description As a freshwater mermaid (a spiritual, introverted clan), recently left her home of inland waterfalls to swim to the coast and meet her cousins, Milla and Mia. Travelling along rivers...